In July 2017 I was elected a member of the Society of Portrait Sculptors, which is a representative body of the leading portrait sculptors working in the UK. I work on figurative sculpture, drawings and commissioned portraits from my studio in Oundle, in rural Northamptonshire. 

After attending art schools in the UK producing modernist and conceptual sculpture I moved to Italy to study at the Florence Academy of Art. Here I immersed myself in learning the techniques of the old masters in sculpture, drawing and anatomy. In Florence I discovered my life’s journey as a figurative sculptor.

At the centre of my work is a deep love and respect for the tradition of classical sculpture to which I seek to bring a fresh voice. I am driven by a desire to push my craft to the highest standards, while taking great pleasure in exploring the raw energy of the human form described with the plasticity of clay. 

I have spent years of intensive study drawing and sculpting the human body, honing my technique and playing with the possibilities of figurative sculpture.

My work is in the British Museum Collection, American Numismatic Society Collection and private collections in the UK, across Europe, Australia, USA, Canada, China and Japan. 

I am happy to discuss requests for commissions and proposals for future work.
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