Commissioning a portrait or figurative sculpture is an exciting and rewarding process for both the sitter and artist.

To commission a bronze portrait bust I will require at least two or three sittings of 1 -2 hours and sittings are usually done at your home. During the first sitting I will take photos and measurements, from which I will start the portrait, and then I will arrange further sittings as the portrait progresses. 

Once I have finished modelling the portrait in clay I will ask you to view the portrait in order to seek your approval to continue to the next stages. I will then make a rubber mould around the clay model and will cast the portrait into either bronze, plaster or concrete. Alternatively, I can fire the finished clay model to create an earthenware portrait. Various colours can be considered for bronze, earthenware and plaster portraits.

I will then fit a base to the sculpture and the finished work will be delivered directly to you.
For bas-relief portraits and portrait drawings I require 1 or 2 sittings.

Prices can vary significantly according to individual requests, framing and the distance I need to travel for the sittings. As a guide, portrait drawings will begin at £500, bas-reliefs at £1200, plaster, earthenware and concrete portrait busts £2500 and bronze busts at £4500.

I am happy for payments to be made in two or three instalments, with the first payment due after we have agreed to undertake the portrait and the final payment due after the sculpture is completely finished and approved by you.

If you are interested in commissioning a portrait then please feel free to ask me any questions about the process.
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